On Monday it is expected to be showery over eastern and northern parts of England with the risk of snow over northern England at times. In north-western parts of Scotland there will be occasional rain and hill snow. The rest of the country will see some sunny spells but showers will affect western parts with hail or storm activity. Overnight, it should be showery over most parts of the UK. Temperatures should be between -1°C and 9°C.


A colder day is expected on Tuesday with a strong-westerly wind for most parts. Across the northern half of the UK there will be some showers or longer spells of rain with snow on higher ground.  In central and southern parts of the UK there will be some sunny spells but there is also the possibility of showers with hail and sleet. Overnight, wide spread frost is expected and it will likely be the coldest night during this week.  Temperatures will be between -1°C and 8°C.


A fine but rather cold day is expected for eastern parts of the UK on Wednesday.   After a fine start to the day it will probably turn cloudy over western parts of the country accompanied by showery rain. Overnight, this will move eastwards bringing the risk of snow in places, especially across northern Wales, Northern Ireland and northern parts of England. Temperatures should be between -1°C and 9°C.


On Thursday morning it is expected to be cloudy and showery with the possibility of snow in places.  Later on it turns drier over Scotland but rather wintry. A chilly night follows for the whole country with snow in places, mainly over Scotland. Temperatures will be between -2°C and 8°C.


Another cold day for the UK on Friday. There will be wintry showers in western parts of the country and spells of sunshine further east. A dry night follows for most parts. Temperatures should between -1°C and 8°C.