A dry start to the day for most parts of the UK on Friday. Across Scotland it will be showery with more persistent rain especially in the east and the chance of hill snow. Gradually the rain spreads across the whole country. Overnight it will be cold and windy with a widespread frost. The showers will fall as snow over eastern parts of Scotland and north-eastern parts of England.  Temperatures will be between 2°C and 10°C.


A much colder day is expected on Saturday. Across Northern Scotland there is the risk that maximum temperatures won’t rise above zero. South-western parts of England and Wales will experience rainy conditions which may contain hail and perhaps wet snow over the hills. Overnight, there will be occasional rain in places with hill snow. Temperatures will be between 0°C and 8°C.


A generally fine day is expected on Sunday for the UK. There will be some showers over western and eastern coasts. Winds will turn lighter feeling less cold. Overnight widespread frost is expected. Temperatures should be between 2°C and 9°C.


On Monday it should be showery across Scotland but the rest of the country will experience dry conditions with sunny spells. Later on it turns cloudy over most parts of the UK. Temperatures will be between -2°C and 10°C.