On Monday, cold conditions prevail accompanied later on by showers and wet snow in places. In the Highlands there is the risk of a short period of ice. Overnight, a touch of frost is possible in south-east England and outbreaks of rain are expected for the rest of the country. Temperatures will be between 0°C- 10°C.


A showery and cloudy start to the day with occasional sunny spells in the North is expected on Tuesday. Later on it turns drier in north-eastern parts of the UK but it remains rainy in the rest of the country. During the evening the rain eases off across most parts of the UK leaving some clear spells. Some parts will still have some light rain. Temperatures should be between 3°C and 11°C.


A dry start to the day across most parts of the UK accompanied by bright spells of sunshine on Wednesday. Later on it turns cloudy with showers across western parts of the country and possible snow in the Highlands. Similar conditions overnight. Temperatures will be between 2°C and 12°C.


Northern parts of Scotland will experience a cloudy and showery start to the day on Thursday. The rest of the country will be dry but rather cloudy. Later on patchy rain spreads across the whole country. Overnight it will be cloudy with light rain in places. Temperatures will be between 3°C and 13°C.


A windy and rainy day is expected for the UK on Friday. There might be some sunny intervals in places. Overnight, the rain eases off leaving some clear spells across most parts of the country. Temperatures will be between 6°C and 13°C.