A mostly cloudy day across the UK on Monday but early rain or drizzle will become increasingly concentrated over south-western parts of England and southern and central parts of Scotland. Later on it turns colder but there will be some sunny spells especially across East Anglia. Overnight it will be generally for most parts. Temperatures will be between -2°C and 8°C.  


On Tuesday a generally dry start to the day for most parts of the UK accompanied by spells of sunshine. However, there might be some odd spots of rain over Scotland and Northern Ireland. Similar conditions follow later on but cloud cover may be thicker over south-west and northern parts of England bringing some patchy rain at times. Temperatures should be between -4°C and 7°C.


After a frosty start to the day, most parts of the UK should be dry with sunny spells but rather cold on Wednesday.  Later on, some patchy rain may appear in far western parts of the country. Another cold night follows with rain and milder temperatures across Ireland and western parts of Britain might be affected as well. Temperatures will be between -4°C and 8°C.


 Milder weather with showers or longer spells of rain is expected in eastern parts of the UK on Thursday. Over north-western parts of the country it will be generally windy. Similar conditions follow overnight. Temperatures will be between -4°C and 10°C.


Rainy and windy conditions are expected on Friday across most parts of the UK. However, there will be some dry periods in places. Temperatures will be between 1°C and 12°C.