Monday will be very windy and rain will spread eastwards into the afternoon across most of the UK. South eastern parts of England will stay dry, with just a little patchy drizzle. Temperatures will range from -2°C to 12°C, although Scotland will be colder than other areas of the British Isles. Overnight, rain will cease everywhere, except northern parts of Scotland where wintry showers will occur.

Expect a pleasant day on Tuesday! An area of high pressure will cover the UK and will bring dry and settled conditions. Showers of sleet and rain will occur in Scotland but these wintry showers will slowly ease throughout the day.

By Wednesday, bad weather conditions will be back. A warm front will bring rain eastwards, to finally cover the whole of the UK. Rain will be heavy across north western areas. South eastern parts will remain dry but cloudy. Overnight, it will be drier but rather cloudy. High temperatures of 12°C.

A band of heavy and persistent rain will cover the UK on Thursday. Winds will blow harder and could reach 60 miles per hour in western areas. Eastern coasts will remain dry for much of the day but rain will also reach these areas overnight.

On Friday morning, the whole of the British Isles will be covered by rain and patchy drizzle. However, high pressure will push precipitations south west and will leave sunny spells and lighter rain. Temperatures will stay between 4°C and 12°C.