A cloudy start to the day for most parts of the UK on Friday. There will be some showers over Scotland and northern parts of England. Later on the rain will continue to spread across the rest of the country accompanied by cold air. Overnight, it should be rainy and wintry across the whole country. Temperatures will be between 2°C and 12°C.


Heavy rain is expected to push up from the south during Saturday.  However, there will be occasional sunny intervals at times but they won’t last long. A low pressure system is expected to move east across the north of the UK later in the day with rain spreading to all areas by midnight, with some snow likely across northern hills. Temperatures will be between 1°C and 12°C.


Showers or longer spells of rain in the west will gradually spread eastwards through the day on Sunday, with a risk of some hill snow in the north.  It will generally be a windy day with strong westerly winds, especially in the south. Overnight it will be cloudy with patchy rain. Temperatures will be between 3°C and 10°C.


On Monday it will be quite stormy the potential for gales and damaging wind gusts in places.  Temperatures will be between 2°C and 11°C.