Feeling lost? Then astrocartography might be the astrology niche that’s for you.

Originally discovered by Jim Lewis, astrocartography has been described by AstrologyClub.com as “the system of mapping out lines where the planets were angular for a particular time onto a terrestrial map “

It involves mapping planetary lines in your natal birth chart along the lines of the earth – both from a latitude and a longitude perspective. It is designed to help people realise where they will feel most at home at a given time.

People are using the pull of the stars to make all sorts of life decisions these days, so it makes perfect sense to look at astrology before deciding where to move to. How to go about this is another question entirely.

The Irish Times recently talked to Martha Clarke, who is an internationally renowned astrologer.

The Dublin native told them a little more about the work, stating: “It is a very little known but extremely powerful part of astrology, as an astrologer will also take into account current planetary transits to the client’s natal chart, along with their midpoint structure (which are points of healing between the planets), when making recommendations.

“I have had a client relocate to Milan from Australia after only two sessions with me. I have also had a client relocate from West Cork (rural Ireland) to fulfil a longtime dream of sailing in the Mediterranean, and another relocate from Canada to Australia.

“I timed my own relocation to the US to coincide with the ending of my two year Pluto Saturn transit, which ended in November 2017.”

Clarke gave a little bit more insight into how astrocartography works. She said: “I start by preparing a natal astrological chart in advance of a client session, if it is a first session, and a transit chart and or a locational astrology chart and or a progressed chart.

“A transit chart shows the client where the planets are in their natal birth chart currently and what areas of their life are being triggered for them to look at. A progressed chart deals with their internal moods, and a locational chart helps them identity the best parts of the world to live and work in.”

So there you have it – whether you are a believer or not, it is still interesting to see astrology play such a large role in the search for the perfect location.