The financial side of things can be stressful at the best of times, so it’s not at all surprising that some people turn to their stars for guidance.

Over in Nepal, there is a person called Santosh Vashistha, who is known for his predictions financially. He even works with serious businessmen and politicians and gives them guidance, from the point of the stars.

In 2017, he was announced as the top astrologer in all of Asia. Vashistha does offer a private practice, where people can visit him and get predictions upon their future, with a particular focus on their finances.

He isn’t the only astrologer influencer on the planet who focusses on wealth. For instance, “The stock market moves in a seasonal cycle that is derived from a calendar that is computed from the orbits of the Earth and the sun,” Bill Sarubbi (aka Bill Meridian), told Bloomberg.

He uses astrology in his market forecasts as president of predictive analytics-focused Cycles Research Investments, LLC.

“Millionaires don't need astrology—billionaires do," JP Morgan famously quipped at one point.

Writer, Ross Kenneth Urken, took a visit to Vashistha to get an inside scoop on his future. He reported back to Bloomberg the results and some of his findings were interesting.

He said his initial approach to it was one of scepticism. He said: “Sitting across the table from Vashistha, I had no real idea of what to expect. Being far from home, in Nepal, allowed me a certain openness to cosmic determination—something I’d normally greet with suspicion.”

Kenneth Urken added that the feeling got wasn’t that dissimilar to a trip to a medical professional, adding: “I exhaled, and Vashistha started to deliver my financial destiny.  As he sat in a chair across from me, the experience felt a bit like visiting with my shrink: yet, instead of unpacking my past with care, he gently entered into dialogue about my future.

He added: “The guru put my worries to rest: I’m destined for at least a modest amount of wealth in the near future, he said, referring to my impressive, “five star” measure of planetary energy and power. The number correlates to good fortune, said Vashistha; by contrast, Prime Minister Deuba has only four stars, but Donald Trump has six, a bounty Mohandas Gandhi also had.”

Those expecting to have their financial world laid out for them by Vashistha should know, that it’s not all certain.

The report concluded with the following caveat: “The courses of the heavens are ever-changing, he said, and I’m in control of my life’s outcomes through my own volition. I can’t sit back and wait for riches to come my way, even if the universe conspires to assure my success.”