From Mystic Meg to Nostradamus, there have been many famous astrologers throughout the years. It is a subject that has been in the public eye since it was first discovered many, many years ago. Thus, it is no surprise that the best out there are well-known people and they are heralded as experts in the world of predicting future events. 

There have been many new discoveries in the field throughout the years, so understandably, there have been many new developments and leaders in thought. Here are five people who helped shaped astrology over the years. 


His book, The Prophecies, which was published all the way back in 1566 got the attention of the world and the predictions within that book are still being followed until this day.

It contains predictions written in four line poems and Nostradamus is thought to have developed these predictions based upon the stars. Nostradamus may have never wrote any research on the subject, but his influence on the field of astrology is still felt to this day. 

Claudius Ptolemy

A 2nd century astrologer from Roman Egypt, Ptolemy wrote some of the most influential works on astronomy ever.

His influence led to several great discoveries within the field and his work set several future astrologers well on their way to discovering even more on the subject. His work is over 1,800 years old, yet it is still remembered as some of the most influential writings on the subject ever. 

William Lilly

Lilly is perhaps best known for writing Christian Astrology, an English guide to the subject, all the way back in 1747.

This was a landmark moment as up until that moment, most of the works on the subject were written in other languages, with latin proving particularly popular. His works opened up the subject matter up to the English speaking world and they haven't dropped it since. 


Most of Berossus story is now legend, as none of the works from the astrologer still exist.

That's hardly surprising, as he lived on a Greek island some time around the early 3rd century BCE. Nonetheless, he is still considered highly influential on the subject matter, with his time coinciding with some of the greatest changes in the study of astrology. 

Dane Rudhyar 

Rudhyar died in 1985, aged 90.

However his influence on modern astrology is very much alive and well. He wrote and published The Astrology of Personality, in 1936. It is still considered one of the most essential works on the subject matter and it is studied by astrologers everywhere up to this day. H

is influence on the field may be newer than all the other names on this list, but it is sure to last well into the future.