India is a country of many, many mysteries. 

One of its more contemporary ones is the fact that it is a place where Western astrology has a loyal and dedicated fan base. 

To some this is a genuine surprise, however a Washington Post article by Annie Gowen shed some light on the subject. Much of India's intrigue for astrology seems to stem from a fair amount of uncertainty, particularly in the political stratosphere. 

According to the article, Indian people are renowned for their love of astrology, particularly when it comes to politics. 

Vinod Shastri was one of the people interviewed for this article. 

He is a university chancellor in Jaipor and also acts as an astrologer. 

He says that recently, most of his visitors want to know about Donald Trump and what his presidency will mean for them and their families. He told the WP reporter that the uncertainty around the President has led many folks to wonder what will happen to India-American relations. 

He said: “When I told them that he will win, their response was...  how his relationships will affect Indian leaders, how he will do for India, his relationship with U.K. [and] the effect he will have on Indian-U.S. business relations.”

Vaibhav Magon, 25, the founder of Askmonk, an astrology application for mobile phones stated that his app was also very popular after the US presidential election. 

He said: “People are uncertain about the future, and they’re looking for astrologers to guide them or come up with a solution, Astrology is inherent within us, whether it’s taking a decision to get married or starting up a business.”

Raj Agarwal, 25, a construction project engineer in Chicago, follows astrology to see what the future may hold for him and his future job prospects. 

He told the Washington Post: “People in my age group want to know if they’re in a position to rise in their careers and what the future looks like. That’s what I want to know. Is (Trump) going to do something that’s going to put my future in the line of fire? If so, I’d rather stay back [in India] and build something here.”

Astrology has always been popular, but the fact that it provides an anchor in uncertain times is undoubtedly one of the reasons its popularity is surging at the moment. 

When people don't have any certainty to hold onto, they cling to what they can and at the moment the signs and the stars is offering some solice.