Is there anything better than sinking back into your chair and enjoying some fantastic tunes? 

That statement is as true for astrologers as it is for anyone else, so we have put together a list of popular songs that touch on the subject. 

You could even say that this is a playlist that has been written in the stars... 

No Matter What Sign You Are - Diana Ross & the Supremes 

Looking at the signs when searching for compatible love partners is nothing new, and Diana Ross and the Supremes knew this when they played this toe-tapping tune. 

A great song, which helps us keep a level-head regarding the importance of the Zodiac in our relationships. 

I'm Aquarius - Metronomy 

This song details a relationship which was originally "written in the stars", but didn't work out. According to the singer, a Taurus and Aquarius got together and the relationship hit the wall. 

What's funny about this is that there are many from these signs that actually have very positive relationships. 

'Mercury' - Bloc Party 

Life can be difficult when Mercury is in Retrograde and Bloc Party know this. This song states that. The lyrics include the following: "Mercury's in retrograde. This is not the time, the time to start a new love. This is not the time, the time to sign a lease. Try not to worry about what's forgotten. Try not to worry about what's been missed"


Float on - The Floaters 

This smooth track starts with the singer of the one hit wonder stating: "Cancer and my name is Larry. And I like a woman that loves everything and everybody. Because I love everybody and everything."

Cancer can be one of the most challenging zodiac signs, so it's no surprise to see that Larry is so demanding. 

I didn't know you - Karmin 

Karmin explained this song better than we ever could, stating: "The Gemini track is a story of betrayal. We wanted the listener to feel the passion and energy in the story, so we built it on a driving bass line with a syncopated drum groove which opens up to a full rhythm section of aggressive, pissed-off drummers."

Born under a bad sign - Albert King 

When it comes to the blues, there are more than just a few who thought that they were born under a bad sign. King sings in this wonderful tune, "If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all."

If that's not the blues, we don't what is.