While large parts of south west England are still underwater, the Environment Agency forecasts more heavy rainfall for areas already flooded.

The Met Office warned that a wave of heavy rain will hit southern England, Wales and upland including the Salisbury Plain, the South Downs and North Downs which are set to be the worst affected areas with up to 1.2 inches of rain for Friday night and into the weekend. Severe gale force winds of up to 80mph will also hit southern Britain and cause more damage.

Among the damage already caused by the flooding, the mainline London-Penzance railway collapsed and residents along the railway had to be evacuated because of the landslide risks. Experts said the line might remain closed until Easter. The railway has been left suspended in mid-air and will now take several weeks to repair.

The Government will add an extra £30m for emergency funding on top of the £100m already announced by David Cameron on Wednesday. Communities Minister Eric Pickles said that the government would carry out a “rapid review of the additional work needed to restore our flood defences and maintain them”. He also declared that “The money would "cover costs incurred during the current emergency response and recovery, as well as essential repairs to ensure that defences are maintained". On top of that, Mr Pickles added that 42 new flood defence schemes were planned for 2014/2015.

As said in a previous article, parts of England have experienced their wettest January in more than 100 years!

Why is it happening? It is because of the Jet stream, a narrow band of fast-flowing air high in the atmosphere driven by temperature differences. In January, the contrast was particularly large, being at the origin of a strong jet stream driving across the Atlantic moving towards our shores creating stormy weather.

The Met Office has issued many amber severe weather warnings for today and the next few days. Be prepared!

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Photosource : BBC News