The question of whether or not Cameron Diaz is retired seems to be on everyone's lips right now. 

The Charlie's Angels star has been fairly inactive over the past few years and it appears that rumours that she has left the entertainment industry entirely are doing the rounds. It is hardly surprising, considering that the last movie she was in was released all the back in 2014. 

Fuel was definitely added to those murmurings when Selma Blair, Diaz's The Sweetest Thing co-star responded to a question from Metro News about a possible follow up to that movie. 

Blair said: "We were reminiscing about the film [The Sweetest Thing]. I would have liked to do a sequel, but Cameron's retired from acting. "She's like, 'I'm done.'" 

Fans of the actress were shocked at the thoughts of never seeing her star in another role. However, it appears that the above quote may not be the full story. It appears that Blair was only kidding when she said it. 

Ms Blair Tweeted about the quote, stating that it was actually in jest and should not be taken so seriously. 

She wrote: "Guys please, I was making a joke in an interview. CAMERON DIAZ is NOT retiring from ANYTHING. And for more breaking news: I am NOW retiring from being Cameron Diaz's spokesperson."

However, the story didn't end there. While being interviewed by Entertainment Weekly last week, Diaz, Blair and their Sweetest Thing co-star Christina Applegate had plenty to say on the subject of retirement. Although, once again, readers should perhaps take these suggestions with a grain or two of salt. 

EW asked about whether or not the ladies had reunited since the movie which was released 16 years ago. It was revealed that they hadn't. 

Diaz replied that unveiling with a fair question. She said, "Goddamn it, why not?" 

Applegate also said: "I don't know. You guys tell me. I see Selma,"

To which, Blair replied, "Our kids are friends. Cameron?" 

Diaz told her the two other women, "Maybe I should, you know, I mean, I'm down. I'm literally doing nothing."

Applegate said that she wasn't exactly flooded with jobs at the moment either. She said: "I'm literally doing nothing, too! I'm semi-retired, I haven't worked for years. I'm a mom, that's what we do. So I'm around, man," 

"That's so awesome," Diaz replied. "I'm totally down. I'm semi-retired, too, and I am actually retired, so I would love to see you ladies."

Does that solve it? Is Cameron Diaz 'actually retired'? We don't know about you guys, but we are still as confused as ever...

One thing is clear thought; none of these ladies want to take the wrap for them not meeting up since that brilliant movie was released back in 2002.