Last week saw the world celebrate International Women's Day. It was a day where the hard work done by females everywhere was celebrated and appreciated. 

Thus far, this has been a year where some of the inequalities women have been suffering through for so long have been highlighted. Therefore, it makes sense that 2018's International Women's Day would draw attention from celebs and non-celebs alike throughout the globe.

Here are some reactions from the day... 

Alyssa Milano

"Women are still making 80 cents to every $1 that men are making, but it varies by race. Hispanic women make 54 cents to every $1 men make, Native American women 57 cents, and Black women 63 cents. #internationalwomensday #IWD2018"

The 'Charmed' actress took to Twitter to discuss how gender inequality isn't even equal. 

Chris Hemsworth 

"Happy #InternationalWomensDay to my beautiful wife, daughter, Mum and all the incredible women out there for their strength, compassion and courage to make the world a better place. Let’s not forget that women of tomorrow are being grown and nurtured among the children of today!"

The man who plays Thor knows that there are plenty of unsung female heroes out there. 

Jane Fonda 

"To the trailblazing women who came before me and the many young women who are taking that torch and running with it, THANK YOU!  Take a moment today, #internationalwomensday to share whom you would like to thank .. #thankher #pressforprogress #womensday"

Icon and activist, Jane Fonda, recognised the hard work being done by women everywhere in the quest for equality. 

Reece Witherspoon

"So excited to be at the @UN today on #IWD2018 to talk with activists & leaders about women’s rights! @ElizabethArden  #TogetherWeMarchOn @TIMESUPNOW #TimesUp. Happy International Women’s Day everyone!"

The legally blonde actress is legally brilliant. 

Lady Gaga 

"Happy International Women’s Day to every single woman in the world. Cheers to your strength and bravery to thrive in a male dominated society. Continue to make your voices heard! You are the definition of courage! We are the womb!!"

The American singer's message was one of empowerment for women. 

Emma Watson

"To celebrate today’s #internationalwomensday I’ll be curating @natgeo’s Instagram feed, selecting and sharing powerful images taken by National Geographic’s emerging female photographers around the world. Women photographers are often under-represented and under-celebrated, so I’m thrilled to mark this day by profiling the talented female story-tellers and image-makers that are working hard to build empathy across borders x #iwd2018 #timesup"

Emma Watson highlighted an issue that is close to her heart, while curating the National Geographic Instagram feed.