Astrology exists in every part of the world, but there are some areas where it is more popular than in others. 

China is one of those places where astrology has caught the hearts and minds of many of the locals. From the hiring process, to how people view themselves; the Zodiac is now a part of everyday life in China. 

A New York Times article examined why this country, which is full of its own intrigue and tradition, is so caught up with astrology. 

Liu Hongchen, a successful astrologer who is known as Eskey, gave a brief insight to why this is the case. She detailed that the younger generation has become more interested in new art forms, due to a perceived staleness of traditional subjects. 

She said: “People don’t get as excited about traditional culture because it’s too familiar. The younger generation likes Western culture more, and the interest in Western astrology is a perfect example of this.”

When astrology is this popular, it is not surprising to see it leak into the every day decision making of people who live in these areas. 

For instance, one of the more interesting things about this culture's love for the stars is that many people who are interested in astrology consult the Zodiac before making some of the most important choices in their lives. 

One such decision is buying a vehicle. 

Que Gangjian, a car salesman in a southern Chinese city, told the New York Times that buyers from different signs act differently. He also added that when employing staff, he will generally go for three different signs due to the effectiveness of their sales technique. 

He said: “Scorpios, Capricorns and Geminis preferred.”

“People who fall under these three signs tend to be more persistent — they don’t give up as easily. So really this is just to save time and make the hiring process more efficient.”

Yan Rubin, 35, a Virgo and an electronics engineer in Xi’an, is the perfect example of how astrology has become everyday for people in China. 

Rubin said: “Sometimes I think about whether my personality has been shaped by the stereotype. I wouldn’t say it’s discrimination, necessarily, but I guess we’re just different from the other signs.”

China is a land of great intrigue and mystery, so it is hardly surprising that they love astrology as much as they do. It is just another area of the world where people are realising the benefits of embracing the stars.