Whether you're a supporter, or not, there is no doubt that Donald Trump has got the world talking. The President of the United States is a divisive figure, who ruffles many people's feathers and has been known to say some rather outlandish things. 
He is the sort of person who sometimes leaves audiences perplexed, asking "why is he like this?" and "why would he say that?"  

Many answers have been put forward by experts; some people think he is deranged, while others think that he is what the world needs right now. 

Another interesting interpretation is that Donald Trump is how he is because of the stars; that's right, some think the President's attitude can be linked back to astrology.  
Vanity Fair 

Astrologer, Betty McKeon, told Vanity Fair that many of Donald Trump's characteristics could be linked to his star sign. She even suggested that Donald's infamous hairdo could is associated with the stars.  

She stated: "Donald’s rising sign, or ascendant, is determined by birth time and is in Leo. This describes the way in which he begins anything and also the lens through which he sees himself... Leo, the lion, represents the childlike nature in us.  

"People with Leo rising usually have a real thing about their hair. It equates to the lion’s mane. Does this sound familiar?" 

Trump's ability to unite crowds, in either disgust or intrigue, may be down to his links to a Sagittarius moon.  

McKeon continued: "Donald Trump has a Sagittarius moon. Sagittarius is known as the salesman, the storyteller, and the exaggerator of the astrological world.  

"Someone with strong Sag energy, [someone] might tell you there were 100 people at a party they attended, when in reality, there were 25." 

Critics of Trump's inauguration ceremony would certainly see a link there. That link was echoed, as the astrologer continued to examine this Sagittarius link.  

She added: "All signs have a light and dark expression. The light side of Sagittarius is funny and kind. The dark side can be non indulgent and very judgmental.  
"The tendency to brag or to place oneself as judge and jury can also be something we see with this sign. In its lower expression, Sagittarius cannot accept being wrong about anything; they are always right." 

We don't know about you guys, but to us, this all sounds very familiar. McKeon concluded that Donald's birth date and star sign may lead to an existence where he is afraid to ask for help when it it is need.  

"With all the planets but one on the left side of the chart [for Donald Trump's reading], it suggests [that] he is very guarded and never thinks to reach out and ask for help.  

"A person who has this particular configuration frequently appears to need nothing from others. The results can be an extremely lonely existence." 

If the answers are in the stars for Donald Trump, they don't look particularly good according to this astrologer.