On Friday, an area of low pressure over the UK will bring spells of heavy rain in central and southern England and Wales. Colder temperatures in Scotland might produce sleet and wintry showers, although sunny spells may still occur in these areas. Overnight, the rain should move away from England, and bring drier but colder weather. The afternoon will see temperatures of between 5 and 8°C which will drop overnight between 1 and -2°C.

By Saturday, the rain should have moved away leaving most of the UK dry and sunny. Only Scotland will experience wintry and snow showers throughout the day and southern England will see a mixture of rain, sleet and drizzle in the morning. The night will be chilly but dry.

It looks like a band of heavy rain and strong winds will batter the whole of the UK on Sunday. Northern parts of Scotland should see some snow and sleet. Maximum temperatures between 8°C and 11°C.


Have a nice weekend!