On Monday a resort complex in Florida was literally swallowed by a huge hole up to 100ft in diameter. Luckily nobody was hurt in this incredible incident.

The Summer Bay Resort in Clermont near Disney World had more than 105 people inside the building when it happened. They were evacuated safely on Sunday night when the ground started to crack and when the windows began to break on Sunday night.

Resort president Paul Caldwell said the ground had undergone geological testing when it was built 15 years ago.

This strange phenomenon happens quite often in the USA and is called a “sinkhole”. In the country, many of the states are made up of a combination of limestone caverns being highly subjected to water erosion.

In March, a man who was in bed was swallowed with his house in a sinkhole in the suburbs of Tampa.

Have you ever experienced such a scary phenomenon?

Video : Resort near Disney World partially collapses into sinkhole