Considering we are in a World Cup year, it seems appropriate that we should discuss football in our weekly astrology article.

When researching the star signs of world class players, we could barely believe how many great players fall into the Cancer sign.

Not all of these players will be making their way to Russia for this year’s tournament, which must be tough, because Cancers are renowned for their sensitive traits.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some world class footballers who fall into the Cancer sign.

Lionel Messi – June 24th

Messi is arguably the best player to ever play football and he will celebrate his birthday during the World Cup.

Cancers are typically very intuitive and this is a quality Messi has repeatedly shown on the football pitch alongside his teammates. He will be aiming to guide his native Argentina to World Cup glory. The Barcelona player already has a runners-up medal, so he will be hoping he can add a winner’s one to his collection this summer.

Gareth Bale – July 16th

Bale’s native Wales will not be competing at this summer’s tournament as they did not qualify, but don’t feel too sorry for the player though as he just won the Champions League.

The Welshman dictated play in that final and scored what has been called the best goal in the history of the tournament… so things could definitely be worse for this Cancer.

James Rodriguez – July 12th

Here is a player who made a name for himself at the same tournament four years ago in Brazil.

This time around he will be hoping to guide his country, Columbia, all the way. They share a group with Senegal, Poland and Japan, so it will be no easy task for Rodriguez and his teammates.

Zinedine Zidane – June 23rd

Okay, he no longer plays football, but Zidane is famed as being one of the best players to ever walk onto a football pitch.

The former France player lifted the World Cup for his country all the way back in 1998 and has since guided Real Madrid to successive Champions League trophies. They say that Cancers are one of the most intelligent signs – he is definitely proof of that.

Kevin De Bruyne – June 28th

Belgian, De Bruyne, is famed for having an amazing understanding of where his teammates are on the pitch.

If that isn’t an example of Cancer intuition, then we don’t know what is. He will need to be at his best when Belgium face England, Tunisia and Panama in their group.