Does your sign help decide what career you choose?

In truth, the answer is probably no; if you’re goal orientated and want to achieve something, then hard work and a little bit of luck probably matters much more than your zodiac sign does. That being said, some signs do seem to gravitate towards certain careers, or at least it seems that way when you look at things.

For instance, when looking at a list of Geminis, we were surprised to see how many of them ended up in the music industry. To be more specific, there seems to be a whole lot of Geminis who are rappers.

Traditionally, Geminis are viewed as quick-witted individuals who have a tendency to get serious.

Does that sound like something the below do or have done? We think so…

Kanye West, June 8th

West has been making waves in the news lately for his Twitter persona and his controversial comments on TMZ, however when he actually stops all that stuff, he is one of the greatest music makers on the planet.

He has been coming up with new ways to twist genres for some time now and even when his music seems bizarre, it always manages to have some plus points.

Tupac Shakur, June 16th

Shakur was one of the biggest stars on the planet before his untimely death. He lives on as an icon for many folks and his music has inspired a generation of rappers. He definitely fitted into the bracket of a person who was intelligent and full of wit.

Kendrick Lamar, June 17th

Lamar is a music superstar and his star continues to rise. Coincidentally, Famous Birthdays claim that “he released his first mixtape at the age of sixteen, eight years after watching Tupac… music video "California Love" for the first time.” Thus, Lamar was inspired by another Gemini, Shakur.

Notorious B.I.G., May 21st

The B.I.G is another late musician who inspired many of the top names in the genre and he was also a GEMINI. Notorious left this world too early, but while he was here he left a massive mark on the music business.

Macklemore, June 19th

Macklemore uses those excellent communication skills that Geminis are famous for to create excellent music that also has a strong message to it. The man, whose real name is Ben Haggerty, has already had a No.1 in the Billboard Chart. He also won a whole load of Grammy Awards too.

Iggy Azalea, June 7th

Iggy is probably Australia’s biggest rapper. She is an immensely talented woman who has really made her mark on the music business.