Unless you have been living under a particularly large rock, you will know that one of the most eagerly awaited weddings in history takes place this weekend.  

Of course, we are talking about the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

The pair have featured heavily in virtually every news outlet over the last few months. Their own individual popularity has combined to make this a massive global event for not just Royal enthusiasts, but for anyone with even the slightest interest in celebrity. 

There have been stories about Harry's best man, Meghan's dress and of course, who would walk the blushing bride down the aisle in recent weeks. 

Those stories have been hard to miss, so we are here to bring you the details that haven't been so public. 

Here are the stats about the Royal Wedding that you may not know...

Experts in this field, Bridebook, has detailed the following numbers regarding the Royal Wedding; Meghan and Harry's big day will cost around £32,000,000. This is calculated to be roughly £12m more than William and Kate's wedding. 

However, Charles and Diana's wedding is still thought to be the most expensive Royal Wedding. After adjusting for inflation, their wedding comes in at £84m. 

The bulk of the cost will go on security, with the special forces expected to be out in force. 

It is estimated that £529k will be spent on food on drink, £240k on decorations and £445k on entertainment on the big day. That's a big party by anyone's standards!  

Meghan's dress is thought to be priced at around £300k. 

There will be £35k spent on portable toilets for guests at the party. Thus, it seems everyone will have more than enough places to do their business. 

Windsor is expected to have roughly 500,000 visitors on the day. These visitors will welcome the new couple as they make their way through the streets. 

2,640 members of the public will attend a party celebrating the day at Windsor castle. They will be served with 28,000 canapés and 16,000 glasses of champagne. Tasty! 

There were 600 invitations sent out by Barnard Westwood in the name of the Prince of Wales. This is a far smaller wedding than the 1,900 guests at William & Kate’s wedding, the 3,500 at Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s and the 2,000 guests present for the Queen’s marriage to Prince Phillip. 

There has been estimates that three billion people could be tuned into watch the wedding on Saturday.  8,000 street parties planned around the UK. 

It's going to be amazing!