A heat wave may be a welcomed occurrence for some of us here in the UK where temperatures are barely hitting 20°C at best.  But when a heat wave causes the mercury to rise over 50°C, we should be careful what we wish for...

Record Setting Temperatures

Imagine going for a run and your shoes starting to melt.

That’s what some people experienced this weekend in parts of the Southwest in the United States because of extreme temperatures. Parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona are experiencing a record setting heat wave. The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for parts of these three states.

Some flights were cancelled due to the heat, because planes are only certified to takeoff up to 118°F (47.7°C), but temperatures crept up over this threshold.

Death Valley, which holds the highest recorded air temperature on Earth at 134°F (57°C), saw a high temperature of 128°F (53°C) both Saturday and Sunday, keeping it a little shy of the all-time record.

Las Vegas had a high temperature that hit 117°F (47°C) on Sunday.

Even at night, residents don’t have much of a respite as temperatures remain in the 90s (30s).

A Break in Sight

The heat wave is expected to last until Tuesday evening where temperatures will finally start to drop a few degrees though it will still remain hot.

Until then, residents and tourists are asked to limit outdoor activities, especially during the hottest parts of the day, to drink plenty of fluids, and to spend time in air-conditioned places.


What would you do in this kind of heat?


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