As you have probably noticed, a huge storm has hit Northern Europe, causing the deaths of at least three people, transport chaos and flooding.

As mentioned in our previous article, a lorry driver was killed as his vehicle was blown away in Scotland and another person was killed by a falling tree in England. A woman also died in Denmark after a lorry overturned in high winds.

The port of Hamburg in Germany is bracing itself for a massive tidal surge. Experts fear it could become as powerful as the flood that killed 300 people in 1962.

Xaver, the hurricane-force storm, hit the UK and other Northern European countries on Wednesday and Thursday, causing power cuts in thousands of homes.

England’s east coast is now experiencing its worst tidal surge in 60 years. Residents in North Wales had to be rescued by lifeboat crews. Britain’s Environment Agency said tidal surges would bring major coastal flooding. The Thames Barrier has been closed to protect London. Homes in Great Yarmouth, eastern England, had to be evacuated.

Many British regions are still on High Flood Warning, including: North Eastern England, Yorkshire and the Humber, The East and West Midlands, Eastern and Southern England.

There is a significant risk to people and properties in Kent County as tides combine with a coastal surge and significant waves this afternoon.

Watch this video of Whitby flooding by WonderfulWhitby