When it comes to star signs, Libras are definitely one of the most interesting. They are known for their diplomatic outlook on life and they have plenty of patience to deal with contrasting viewpoints.

They are also known to be charming, easy-going and optimistic. Of course, they can also be quite indecisive and slightly naïve. Nonetheless, we have to say that we are quite fond of them.

And you will be too after reading these interesting facts about Libras…

Beautiful people

According to Bustle.com, Libra is a sign where grace comes naturally. They wrote: “Did you know that Libra is also the sign of beauty? Libras often have a dimple on their cheek as a result. Adorbs.”


According to Horoscope.com, Libras love to be in charge in the workplace and will do almost anything to get this privilege. Here’s what they said: “They can be excellent leaders, and will work hard to earn – and deserve – the privilege.”

Not great alone

Horoscope.com also wrote about Libras not being great when single. Don’t fret though, cause this is at least in part due to their desire to satisfy. Here’s the explanation: “A Libran alone is a sad thing indeed, not to mention unnatural. They need to connect with others. As lovers they are expressive, creative, and balanced. They love to make their partners feel completely and thoroughly satisfied from conversation to lovemaking.”

A Scorpio in disguise

The Libra constellation wasn’t always a stand-out performer. In fact, back in ancient times, the Greeks included it as part of a different sign. Constellation-guide.com give a bit more information, stating: “Ancient Greeks knew the part of the sky occupied by the Libra constellation as Chelae, or “claws,” and considered it part of Scorpio constellation. Chelae represented the scorpion’s claws.”

As the old saying goes – “to Chelae, or not to Chelae, that is the question”.

Compatible Kindness

Cosmopolitan reckons that Libras are most compatible with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. They also reckon that a Libras indecision comes from kindness, stating: “A Libra never makes a decision willy-nilly. They always try to take as much into account as possible before making a choice, and their worst fear is being unfair or cruel to someone (even if they might deserve it.)”

Those are five great facts on Libra. Stay tuned as we go through the rest of the signs and detail some of their traits.