March Gardening

General tasks and garden maintenance

by Juliette Amadis Monday 3 March 2014

General tasks and garden maintenance
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  • The ground is getting warmer but frosts can still be a hazard so keep vulnerable plants protected if frost is forecasted. Indoor sowings of tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and other vegetables should be carried out on the windows sills to allow seeds to germinate. Keep your eyes open for any sign of severe weather. Make sure your plants are not too exposed to March winds which are also notorious for their ferocity! You can also re-pot houseplants, as this will ensure that they grow vigorously in the spring and summer.

  • Now is the perfect time for a spring clean: remove moss and weeds from paths, terraces and driveways. Those tasks might be really annoying but if you don’t do it now, it will be a nightmare for the rest of the season.

  • If the ground is dry enough, mow your lawn and you’ll enjoy a greener, denser and harder-wearing patch throughout the summer.

  • Now that spring is arriving, temperatures should start rising and the new growth resulting from this is irresistible to slugs and snails so make sure to take control now.

  • Finally, the most effective way of improving the soil in established borders is to mulch the surface with a 3cm layer of organic matter such as garden compost. It will help to suppress weeds and trap moisture in the soil.

  • Don’t forget to clean and repair your garden tools!

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