For those of you who aren't informed, you should know that we are in Mercury retrograde right now. This phenomenon happens when the planet Mercury looks like it is moving across the sky in a different direction than it normally does.

In the astrology world, many folks associate this with some negative occurrences and overall, they sight it as a strange time.

We will be out of Mercury retrograde by in the middle of April. However, until then, you may have to put up with some stuff that is a little bit stranger than normal. 

Theoretical cosmologist Katie Mack, an assistant professor at North Carolina State University, passed a skeptical eye on the situation, but also points to how interesting things like this would be if they were true. 

She told The Guardian: "It would be fascinating but rather dystopian if the planets COULD affect our lives. Like, the 'Mercury in retrograde' thing. Like if the apparent motion across the sky, from Earth, of a planet we can almost never actually see, somehow meant that it, the planet, would suddenly start to meddle in our lives and screw things up for a time."

An article in Dazed and confused magazine didn't take such a positive tone. It read: "Mercury Retrograde is a lot like a yellow light, in that while our lives don’t come to a grinding halt, ensuing events may cause us to slow down. Mercury is known to impact communication, travel, technology, and transit – all things we really want to run smoothly, hence the bad reputation of this astrological event. But with a bit of preparation and awareness, none of this really has to be such a bad experience."

Meanwhile, astrologer Leslie McGuirk, told Elle Magazine that during this time things can get a little weird, "but it's usually never anything that serious. 

"It's just the Universe's way to slow us down. If it didn't [happen], it's like always being in fifth gear, full speed ahead. So when Mercury is in retrograde, it's like putting your car into reverse."

It's not all bad news though. According to online magazine, Bustle, one sign won't be affected by this. In fact, it will actually be a good month for that sign.

The sign in question is Virgo. Here's what Bustle said: "If you're a Virgo, expect to be unaffected by retrograde for the most part. Expect your employers to be pleased with you, expect your friends to be reliant on you, and expect some inspiring meditation that will help you leave this retrograde period with even better life skills than when you started."

Thus, you Virgos - go enjoy yourselves. You've nothing to worry about.