With temperatures dropping to around -25°C on Monday, and continuing below -15°C on Tuesday, Niagara Falls has consequently partially frozen. Icicles and ice heaps have covered some parts of the famous Falls. The water is still falling, and an ice bridge is slowly building over the flowing water. In the following video, you will see amazing scenery of this frozen landmark!

Even though below freezing temperatures are still occurring, the impressive scene still attracts many tourists. Last year, the same phenomenon attracted many more tourists to the iconic place over a week long period than on other typical winter days. It is not uncommon for the Niagara Falls to have some frozen areas, as it happens most winters, but visually it is always very impressive and hugely appreciated by tourists and locals.

On very few rare occasions, Niagara Falls has frozen completely, almost stopping the flow of water. Here’s a picture of what the Falls looks like when it froze supposedly in 1911.

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