North Eastern US and Canada are experiencing a « polar vortex » bringing freezing weather.

The current « deadly » cold weather has been blamed for 16 recent deaths and the cancellation of more than 3,700 flights. US officials have issued many « deadly cold » weather warnings in the past few days. As a result, many schools remain closed in several US States and residents must stay indoors for their safety.

In Kansas City, The National Weather Service has predicted a low of -22°C with life-threatening wind making it feel much colder. In Ontario, the temperature on Monday morning was under -33°C! Only emergency or law enforcement vehicles are allowed on the roads.

It is said that temperatures in Northern and Central US could feel as low as -51°C. The states of Ohio, South Dakota and Illinois are among those set to be strongly hit.

The cold wave is likely to last several days. Let’s hope that the UK won’t be touched by this Polar Vortex !

Video : US and Canada braced for more snow storms, bbc@news
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