Due to weather conditions, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have experienced disruptions and difficulties.

After last week’s Hurricane-force winds in Scotland, the country has to deal this week with new disruptions caused by snow. Approximately 80 schools in Scotland will remain closed today in the Highlands and Moray because of heavy snow and ice. The authorities in Shetland Island have had to deal with a power cut which caused 1 100 homes to be left with no electricity.

Public transportation such as bus lines and ferries have had to delay or suspend their services. All drivers, but especially motorists, have been advised to be extra careful when travelling.

In Northern Ireland, more than 100 schools have closed and a small number of staff at Altnagelvin hospital have had to stay in.

Across Wales, some roads were closed after freezing conditions overnight, hail and windy weather. Many accidents were reported during the day and drivers faced traffic queues.


We advise you to keep an eye on this week’s forecast.