Large parts of Somerset have been affected by severe floods in the past few days as a result of heavy rainfall but not only.

Locals are still waiting for answers from the Environment Agency. In fact, there have been weeks of heavy rainfall but locals say there is no reason why it should be worse now than in the past when there have been similar deluges.

For them, the Environment Agency hasn’t done its job and is the only one to blame. The Tory MP for Bridgwater angrily denounced the « pathetic quango’s failure to keep the water clear », stating that « The Government needs to act, and pretty damn quick ». However, the Environment Agency said that their  65 pumps are not able to pump more because of the rivers being so full and high and said that its staff have « worked their socks off » over the past months. They promised a new plan to deal with flooding and do whatever they possibly can with the limited resources.

Yet, about 28,420 acres of Somerset are inundated. The Environment Agency currently has 14 flood warnings in the UK, 10 of them in South West England. Rain is still expected today, tomorrow and Friday. Many people warned that the extreme deluges were in line with climate change projections.

Meanwhile a storm has hit several counties in Southern England. The city of Chobham in Surrey experienced a mini tornado last Sunday that brought down trees, caused a lot of damage to properties and…lifted cats in the air! Many people witnessed cats being lifted off the ground and thrown about like paper bags.

In Kent, Sussex and Surrey, 13,000 people were left without power. An isolated small tornado could be the cause but experts still need to confirm the hypothesis.

Video : BBC News - Somerset floods #039;Major incident #039; declared 2