Politics can be a difficult arena to understand at the best of times, so it's hardly unusual that many folks have looked up at the stars in an attempt to comprehend what is going on around them.

We are not sure that the stars can explain some of the decisions made by our political leaders in recent times, but nonetheless, it is still interesting to see how each of our country's leaders star signs fits in with their personality. 

Here are the star signs of some of the most powerful political leaders in the world. 

Donald Trump - Gemini - USA President

Trump is a Gemini. This star sign is traditionally know as a fast talking, lovable sign. Whether you think the current President of the United States fits that criteria probably depends on which side of the political spectrum you fall.

One thing is for sure, he is different and Geminis are known for embracing their individuality. He is certainly enjoying being a one of a kid president. 

Vladimir Putin - Libra - Russian President 

Libras are known for being stubborn, as are most world leaders. Putin isn't a traditional Libra in some regards as he is decisive and able to make decisions without taking too much time weighing up the options.

However, he does fit the sign as Libras are often popular and he has just won the Russian vote with over 70 percent of the electorate going for him. 

Emmanuel Macron - Sagittarius - French President

The French president is a Sagittarius, which is a sign that is known for its curiosity and intelligence. Whether Macron has both of those qualities is a matter that is up for much debate amongst the French public and the rest of the world. 

Angela Merkel - Cancer - Germany Chancellor

Merkel was the first woman to take the job of Germany's Chancellor and is a Cancer. This is a sign that is known for being sensitive and sentimental, two qualities which aren't often seen in the political arena. 

Theresa May - Libra - UK Prime Minister

May is another Libra and just like her Russian counterpart, could certainly fit into the description of stubborn. Brexit would be a perfect example of this trait coming to the fore. 

Xi Jinping - Gemini - Chinese President

Jinping fits into the Gemini list, whose traits are commonly listed as quick-witted, expressive and sociable. You don't rise to the level of Chinese president without having those traits. 

Kim Jong-un - Capricorn - North Korea Supreme Leader 

Capricorn's can be pessimistic and unforgiving... yes, this probably fits.