Drinking in excess is a very serious matter and one that should be dealt with by a professional.

As much as we love dealings of the stars, we are not convinced that the professional alcoholics should visit is an astrologer.

The saying ‘stay in your lane’ comes to mind when it comes to this matter.

Nonetheless, there is an astrologer called Cassandra Butler who says the stars can have an influence on an addict’s recovery.

Quoted in Astrology News Service, Butler has done research on the birth date of 50 recovered alcoholics and how different dates are important to them and their recovery.  

She talked about this, when she said: “It’s all about timing. Getting someone to get sober and stop drinking is hard because alcoholics become emotionally attached to the substance. Invariably, the road to recovery begins with the build-up to a quit date or sobriety date.

“The sobriety date is extremely important because it commemorates a miraculous day when the individual is given another chance to live.”

The study compared the charts and dates when drinkers tried to get sober. Butler said she saw an astrological pattern between them.

She discussed her findings, stating: “In astrological theory the moon represents many things: our emotions, feelings, sense of security and family legacy among them.

“What the large number of aspects involving the lunar nodes suggests to astrologers is that a strong emotional investment apparently is needed to successfully come to grips with habitual drinking.”

She reckons the nodal axis is key to how difficult a recovery will be, adding: “The nodal axis presents us with a challenge. We learn new lessons of the north node while releasing the resisting energy of the south node,” she said.”

“It’s noteworthy that in our exploratory study every subject’s recovery date chart had some sort of transiting lunar connection with at least one planet in their natal map. And in many charts there was more than one connection.”

As interesting as all of this seems to us, we would still rather see a genuine addiction councillor if we were ever unlucky enough to fall down to this awful disease.

Nonetheless, all research is good and if Ms. Butler, the New York astrologer with over 30 years’ experience is helping people recover, then we have to say ‘well done’ to her.  

This is definitely something that we would be willing to be proved wrong about.