Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's on again and off again relationship is the obsession of tabloid journalists everywhere. Briefly before Christmas they showed the world that they had reconciled their relationship and are now a couple again. 

Will they or won't they work seems to be the questions on everyone's lips though still. They've broken up before, so how do we know it won't happen again.  

There are so many lines of interest here - we know that they stopped seeing each other, but we also know that they are now an item once more and they were very cosy together in Jamaica as Justin's father Jeremy dad got married. 

Will it be wedding bells for Justin and Selena? Here's what astrology has to say on that very matter. 

Water signs 

We know Justin is a Pisces, while Selena is a Cancer. Both of these signs are water signs, which suggest that they may be in tune and have similar mentalities and values. As anybody who has ever been in a relationship where you couldn't connect with your partner knows, this is an essential tool when building for the future with somebody. 

Traditionally, a water sign knows the value of a strong and stable relationship, so if it's working then you can count on these two knowing it.


That being said, water signs also have a habit of letting life get in the way, which could be the perfect explanation for these two breaking up so many times. 

Of course, it could also just be young lovers drifting in and out of eachother's life. 

Their planets

Justin and Selena's compatibility looks positive, with both having similar outlooks on life. Their moons are in opposite signs - Libra and Aries - which is great news for the bedroom, but not so good for day-day living. The tension this creates can boil over and this can lead to heated arguments. 

That being said, Justin’s sun is opposite Selena’s Jupiter, which points to the idea that they understand each other and small issues can be overlooked and easily overcome. 


These two look like a pair who knows that it is not going to be perfect all of the time, but can put that to one side in their bid to create harmony. We are not sure that they will stay together forever, but for the time being it is looking good for today's hot couple. 

Their suns, planets and moons suggest that nothing could be so big to keep them apart and we wish them the very best in their future together.

Who knows, it mightn't be too long before wedding bells are ringing for the pair.