With so much going on in the world of celebrity, it is no surprise that there are a few stories that may have gone under the radar.

Worry not though, because we are here to keep you up-to-date in everything celeb. From popstars, to movie moguls; we've got all the gossip.

Oscar Wilde once said: “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about,” so let’s do all these stars a favour and discuss what is going in their lives.


Zach Efron stars as a notorious killer


When one thinks of Zach Efron, most of us think of his squeaky clean character in the High School Musical movies, or his silly macho man persona in Baywatch.


Very few of us think of the serial killer Ted Bundy, but that’s who he is set to star as in his latest film.


Creepy? Yes. Interesting? Definitely. Who knows if the film will make a killing at the box office.


Kim K names her child after another location


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have yet again gone for a location while naming their child. She named her latest child Chicago West; which sounds more like a pizza than a person, but who are we to judge?


When Chicago West and North West grow up, they may have serious issues trying to tell people that they aren’t asking for directions when they’re introducing themselves.


James Franco ignored by Oscars


After all the recent allegations surrounding James Franco, there was little surprise when he was snubbed by the Oscars.


However, there is no doubt that The Disaster Artist star will be disappointed that he couldn’t follow up his Golden Globe win with another gong.


One could say that this is a disaster for the artist... okay, we'll get our coat.


Britney Spears on the road again


We’re delighted to say that Britney Spears is set to be on the road again with another world tour. The Toxic singer is set to Hit Us One More Time with some of her greatest hits as she trots around the globe.


The showwoman is infamous for creating excellent spectacles and we are positive this one will be no different.


Ed Sheeran is getting hitched


British star Ed Sheeran has announced his engagement to Cherry Seaborn.


The Galway Girl singer announced that he is getting hitched and we couldn’t be more happy for him… even though his future bride isn’t even from Galway... or Ireland, for that matter.


50 Cent hits the jackpot by not accepting money

For 50 Cent’s 2014 album, he accepted $400,000 worth of bitcoin. That bitcoin is now worth $8m.

Who knew that you could make so much money from refusing cash? He might have to change his name to 50 Bitcoin… okay, we’ll definitely get our coat after that last one.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the world of celebrity at the moment.

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