The State of Colorado in the west of the United States has for several days been experiencing  one of the largest torrential downpours and flash floods ever recorded by the authorities.

Officials have reported six deaths, more than 300 people missing and thousands of homes destroyed. Entire towns and villages were evacuated to emergency shelters.

The city of Boulder and other towns located along the so-called Front Range of the Rockies, north of Denver were especially hard hit as floodwaters streamed down mountainsides and spilled through canyons.

Kitty Kintzing, 65, had to leave her flat and declared "The street was like a river, and I knew it was time to go, I've never seen anything like this”.

A dozen main roads in northeastern Colorado remain shut with significant damage from flooding, mudslides, rockfalls and other debris.

Even though clear skies allowed more evacuations last week, the forecast through Sunday predicted more heavy rain, making it hard to reach residents isolated on devastated roads.

Video : Massive floods in Boulder, Colorado cause road to collapse, ITN