Most of south west England is now underwater because of intense rainfall and a lack of river dredging. When will the water level finally go back to normal?

While politicians argue about whether the failure to maintain the dredging of rivers is responsible for the intense flooding in south west England, thousands of households just want to know when the ordeal will come to an end.

Here is an answer, and a bad one: experts have said that some 1.6 million properties across Britain are at risk of groundwater flooding for weeks or even months to come!

They also confirmed the fact that even if it stopped raining today, levels are likely to keep rising for another two months because there is so much water soaking through the soil. Experts from the British Geological Survey said that nine of the 14 boreholes used to measure the height of the water table in southern England are now showing « exceptionally high levels ».

The EA has issued more groundwater flood alerts for Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

Unfortunately, more storms are forecasted for the week ahead and the jet stream won’t move back to its normal position, bringing heavier and more intense rainfall.

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