As heavy snow is falling over the UK, icy winds make the decreasing temperatures feel even colder. And according to weather experts, these weather conditions should continue until next week, with even greater snowfall, sleet, hail and winds.

There are also thundersnow storms North of Manchester, which are like thunderstorms but with snow instead of rain. Although the weather might seem milder today, snow warnings have already been delivered for this weekend, as well as an Arctic blast which will bring back the freezing temperatures across large parts of the UK.

An amber snow warning “Be prepared” was published, but has been downgraded to a yellow warning.

Extreme weather causes disruptions

The extreme weather in Midlands, northern parts of England and Scotland has led to airport, motorway and school closures. Trains have also been cancelled today.

In Northern Ireland, Northern parts of England and Scotland, up to 9 inches of snow covered the roads and fields. As the snow continues to fall and the wind to blow, more and more schools are being closed in these parts of the UK.

Our advice

If you have no choice but to take your car today, please plan your trip beforehand. With this type of weather, it's important to remain cautious. Warm layers of clothes are essential, as well as a fully-charged phone, a full tank, snacks, and a flashlight with extra batteries for emergencies.

Last but not least, keep an eye on this week’s forecast!