On Friday it will be rather windy across most parts of the UK. There will be gusts of around 70-80mph and the weather conditions across northern and western parts of the country will be unsettled with longer spells of rain that might turn heavy later on.  However, during the afternoon there will be some sunny spells over central and southern parts of the UK. A colder night follows. Temperatures should be between 3°C and 12°C.


The weather will be unsettled and windy with rain pushing in from the west on Saturday. There might also be some snow falling over the highlands of northern Scotland. During the afternoon it turns rainy across most of the UK and similar conditions prevail overnight. Temperatures will be between 3°C and 13°C.


Another unsettled and windy day with showers mainly across northern and western areas of the UK on Sunday. The rain turns heavier at times but southern and eastern parts of the country will experience dry conditions during the afternoon. Similar conditions overnight. Temperatures should be between 3°C and 16°C.


Unstable conditions are expected on Monday with the rain coming and going. The rain will turn heavy and persistent at times across the UK. Temperatures will be between 7°C and 14°C.