Temperatures are finally starting to warm up, and the summer holidays are just around the corner. But if you’re travelling with your pet, be careful of leaving him or her in your car.

We’ve heard it before. Don’t leave your pet in a hot car. However, what if we’re just running into the shop for say... 10 minutes?

American veterinarian Dr Ernie Ward recently filmed himself in a parked car with the windows cracked to show us how a pet feels when left in a car when it’s warm out, even if it’s just for a short time.

The temperature inside the car quickly rises, and though there is a breeze outside, Dr Ward is unable to feel it although all four windows are cracked. In total, he spends 30 minutes in the car, and by the end, he is drenched in sweat, something a dog cannot do to cool himself down. The temperature is at a stifling 117°F (47°C) at the 30 minute mark.

If you are travelling with your pet this summer, make sure that someone in your family stays outside the car with your furry friend whenever you make a stop. It may be a hassle, but your pet will stay safe.

Learn about Dr Ward’s entire experience in this video:

Dr Ernie Ward / YouTube

Banner photo © Gorilla - Fotolia.com