On Monday, Scotland will experience some scattered rain during the morning but the rest of the country will be dry with sunny spells. Later on in the day there will be some light rain across Northern Scotland but sunny elsewhere with warmer conditions in the South. A cloudy night follows for Scotland and Wales with the possibility of occasional showers. Temperatures will be between 9C° and 25C°.

The UK will generally experience a very warm day with lots of sunshine on Tuesday. During the morning, Scotland and Northern Ireland will experience some early rain but it will be dry elsewhere. Later on in the day it will be hot with bright sunshine across the country. However, there is the possibility of isolated thundery showers appearing across Northern Scotland at times. Temperatures will be between 9°C and 29°C.

Another hot day follows on Wednesday for the UK. However, throughout the day, some heavy and thundery showers will appear mainly in northern and western areas of the UK giving the risk of some lightning. Overnight, thunderstorms will spread across most parts of the country but the weather conditions in the South will be dry with clear spells at times. Temperatures will be between 11°C and 33°C.

The weather will be cooler on Thursday but in the South-East it is expected to reach up to 30°C in places. Heavy showers and thunderstorms will appear in Scotland and Northern Ireland throughout the day with the risk of local downpours and frequent lightning strikes. Temperatures will be between 12°C and 29°C.  

On Friday it will be generally sunny and warm across the UK with pleasant conditions. Fine weather is generally expected with a light south to south-easterly wind. Later on there is the possibility of some showers in places. Temperature will be between 10°C and 29°C.