Friday morning will be misty and foggy with low clouds in central and eastern England. Wales, South Western England and the West Midlands will be the best places to observe the partial eclipse, as the sky will be clear and the sun bright. Most of the UK will turn cloudier throughout the day. Wintry showers are expected in Northern Scottish areas. Overnight, the weather will remain the same in Scotland; however the sky will clear up elsewhere. Temperatures will be mild everywhere except in Scotland and Northern Ireland where it will be colder.

On Saturday, the weather will remain dry but cloudy, especially in the North, with spells of sunshine. With a north easterly breeze blowing across England and Wales, it will feel quite chilly and could bring light showers in south eastern coastal areas. Scotland will be overcast with risk of rain. Overnight, rain will continue in Scotland while the rest of the UK will remain dry and cloudy.

As winds start to blow, rain will continue to fall in Northern parts of Scotland on Sunday. The rest of the UK will experience a largely fine but chilly day, with variable amount of clouds. During the night, rain will push further south. As temperatures range between -1°C to 10°C, ground frost could develop.


Have a nice weekend!