Monday will start rather cold with wintry showers, mostly sleet, covering Scotland and parts of England. Sunny spells will occur at times and the weather will turn drier in the afternoon.  The evening will be drier and brighter for most of England. Overnight, snow will fall in Scotland, especially in the Highlands. Strong south westerly winds in most areas will make the night very chilly.

On Tuesday, snow will continue to fall over Scotland and over the hills. Throughout the day, snow will transform into sleet and rain showers. Most of England will experience dry weather and sunny spells. Temperatures will be fairly cold, dropping to -2°C at some points and with a maximum of 8°C in the South and 4°C in northern areas. These conditions will be caused by strong westerly winds. Overnight, snow showers will continue in Scotland while southern parts will experience clear skies.

By Wednesday, after sleet falling in the morning in northern and western areas, showers should die out in most places in the afternoon to leave sunny spells. A few scattered blustery showers are still possible throughout the day. Although dry skies will cover the UK, temperatures will not rise significantly, due to strong north westerly winds still blowing.

Rain will slowly cover Scotland on Thursday while the rest of the UK will stay dry but will turn rather cloudy during the day. Winds will continue to blow but they will be much lighter than the beginning of the week.

Expect a rise in temperature by Friday due to winds finally easing. The British Isles will be very cloudy and rain could fall over northern parts of Scotland in the afternoon. The rest of the UK will stay dry with a chance of some sunny spells.