Each year we ask ourselves the same question: will this winter be worst than last years’? We’ve got bad news for you, because word has it this winter could be the most severe one since 1947!

A few days ago, weather forecasters warned Britain about the risk of heavy and persistent snowfall for up to three months this winter! It is set to be the worst in more than 60 years. Detailed November forecasts for this winter all point towards several months of extreme cold waves and heavy snowfall across the UK.

The cold wave will start soon as Arctic Air will roar in from the North Pole, announcing the beginning of a terrible winter. Experts say the whole of the British Isles should be prepared for it.

The winter of 1947 is well known as being one of the coldest in history with large amounts of snowfall leading to severe flooding as rain ran off frozen grounds in torrents. Many local newspapers remember this winter as roads and railways across the UK were blocked because of huge Arctic Blizzards.

January is likely to be the worst month with below average temperatures and could last until March.

So make sure you look after yourself and your relatives this winter!

We will of course keep you posted with any extreme weather alerts for your region.


Photosource : © antbphotos - Fotolia.com