Astrology is an incredibly popular phenomenon that has touched most areas of modern life. It's in your daily newspaper, on the computer when you arrive at work and now, there is even an option for your underwear to be influenced by it. 

That is of course, if you are inclined to purchase ridiculously gorgeous lingerie. Yandy.Com, which has grown in popularity since its 2016 New York Fashion Week show has designed a zodiac-inspired lingerie collection. 

The 12 piece selection is now online and there is a line of bras, panties and teddies to suit each and every sign of the Zodiac. These sets are retailing $33. 

Yandy's website has a brief (pun not intended) explanation why each one of the sets fits its given sign. For instance, it describes the Virgo set with the following: "Strength and beauty guide a Virgo and this subtle yet seductive set is sure to break you out of your shell."

It is a novel idea, that is definitely an interesting twist for ladies who love lingerie and astrology. Yandy isn't the only organisation producing fashion ranges based off the signs of the Zodiac. 

This year, Bite Beauty is producing a range of twelve lipsticks, with each of them influenced by a sign of the Zodiac. During April, they released the shade for Taurus, which they described as "muted white-chocolate rose."

Astrologer Tara Greene (who Bite Beauty worked with to develop these lipsticks) described the sign as: "Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by the planet of love, Venus. Sleepy, sensual Taurus is enamored with everyday luxuries: Flowers, chocolate, and all the finer things in life are essential to beauty-loving bulls. Find them running a florist shop, decorating and re-decorating their stylish abodes, or whipping up a delish new dish."

Thus, it does make some sense that this shade would fit their liking. Jennifer Angel, who was the resident astrologer for Harper's Bazaar, believes that astrology may affect our fashion choices. 

She wrote: "The sign and house your chart ruler falls in play a huge role in your personal make-up. First house planets, if any, are also extremely important; they become part of your style and how you approach & experience life.

"Since your rising sign is not your core self, but the filter through which you experience that core self, it has a profound influence on your personal style."

However, if you're the sort of person who doesn't follow the stars, then don't worry - buying a Libra item if you're Leo probably won't have any negative effects.