Hold on to your pint when going for a drink at the Crooked House Pub!

The house looks like it is drunk, but it’s not, it’s only crooked because one side of the building is now approximately four feet lower than the other.

Located in the West Midlands, England, this atypical house used to be a farmhouse built in 1765 and later became a public house called the Siden House - Siden meaning « crooked » in the local Black Country dialect. It then became the Glynne Arms, named after its new owner, Sir Stephen Glynne, who removed too much coal that lied underneath, leading to the subsidence of the house. It was condemned as unsafe in 1940 but thankfully, the building was rescued by Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries and was reinforced with supporting buttresses and girders.

It has now become a major tourist spot attracting many thirsty visitors eager to experience the sloping floor creating an eerie illusory sensation, making drinkers feel drunk after only a pint! 

The Crooked House, John Horton, https://flic.kr/p/dohDqc,(CC BY 2.0)