When the swallows fly high, the weather will be dry! Among all the other folklores we use to predict the weather, swallows are for many of us one of the most well-known. But is there any truth to this quote? Well, generally, swallows are flying to chase their next meal.  One thing that all these birds have in common is their adaptation to aerial feeding which means that they tend to feed on the wing.

So on fine days, when air pressure is high, tiny insects are swept up high on warm thermal currents rising from the ground forcing swallows which eat insects to fly higher and search for food. High-flying swallows though are more likely a sign of current fair weather and not a future prediction of fair weather.

When weather conditions turn cooler and windy, insects will try to find protection in trees and buildings on the ground so swallows have to fly low to find them. The same happens when air pressure is low with possible rain. But again, this is an indication of the current weather conditions and not future ones.

What we can conclude then is that a swallow can unfortunately not help you predict if the current fair weather will turn into a miserable rainy day tomorrow. This method of weather prediction is not as efficient as some would believe… But who needs swallows when we have Weather Wherever’s forecasts for planning your next day out!