The Wettest Cities in the UK

The wettest towns in the UK

by Esme Perry Thursday 16 April 2015

Rainy UK
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The UK is considered as one of the rainiest countries in Europe! But what actually counts as a rainy day? Any day on which even a single millimetre of rain falls is considered as one of them.

The climate in United Kingdom is typically temperate and varies from one place to another. Unfortunately, falling rain costs a lot of money in UK and to its citizens. The huge cost of soggy skies comes in the form of cancelled events, ruined clothes, extra washing bills and increased heating costs. It even puts people out of work with ice cream sellers, clothes manufacturers and event organisers having to hire or fire employees depending on the weather.

2013 was counted as the wettest in England's recorded history. In addition, a series of downpours at the end of November in the same year brought one of the wettest weeks in the last 50 years.

But which is the wettest city in UK today? Much research has shown that Manchester is considered to be one of the wettest cities in the country but is this true?

Well actually, based on records over the last 30 years, Manchester doesn’t even reach the top five spots!

Find out which are the 5 wettest cities in the UK!

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