A few days ago, a blizzard nicknamed Juno struck the Northeast of the USA, causing disruptions and slowing down the territory. Learn more about blizzards, what they are and how people deal with them.

What are blizzards?

Blizzards, or snow storms, are the most common winter storms. A winter storm is an event in which the precipitations are linked to cold temperatures, such as snow and sleet. The specific definition of a blizzard involves frequent wind gusts of 35 miles per hour as well as  visibility under a quarter of a  mile. This combination of snow and strong winds makes this weather phenomenon dangerous, because visibility often becomes very low. If the winds are so strong that they pick up snow from the ground, the phenomenon is then called a ground blizzard.

What to do in case of a blizzard warning?

A blizzard warning has been released in your area? Here is what you should do.

  1. Stock up on food and other essentials: a snow storm can last from 3 hours to a few days. You have to get ready to face any eventuality, and you might get stuck in your house for a few days, without being able to get more food.
  2. Prepare for power outages: food isn’t the only thing you should be worry about. Chances are the weather will cause power cuts. Prepare flashlights, spare batteries, battery operated radio to keep you informed of the situation, candles…
  3. Keep warm: as a consequence of power cuts, you want to prepare extra blankets.
  4. Stay inside: if you are planning to take your car to go anywhere before a blizzard, reconsider your options. Roads are dangerous during all kinds of winter storms.
  5. If you get stuck in your car: do not leave your car. You could get lost and get hurt. Stay in your car and be sure to get your blood flowing by clapping your hands or moving your legs for example. Do not go to sleep, as your blood will get slower and slower. In order to avoid stalling, start your car every 10 minutes or so to keep it warm.


Here is what a Blizzard looks like from the sky!

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