As 2014 has officially been declared as the hottest year ever recorded, it is important to point out the importance of Global Warming. We hear a great deal about it and  it has become undeniable that Global Warming is real and has a terrible impact on the Earth. Some may say that climate change isn’t real and global warming doesn’t exist, but fourteen of the fifteen warmest years on record have all fallen in the first fifteen years of the century.


What is global warming?

Global warming is the gradual heating of Earth's surface, oceans and atmosphere. Many scientists have warned the population about the risks of global warming, and what would happen if the temperatures rose by about 2 to 5 degree Celsius. This increase doesn’t seem very high but in terms of climate it is actually a big deal.  To understand, think about global warming as fever. When your body temperature increases by 1 or 2°C, you don’t feel well, and if it increases by 5°C, you end up in hospital. For the Earth, it’s the same thing and the consequences of this rise in temperature can be catastrophic.


What causes global warming?

The increase of Carbone Dioxide levels in the atmosphere is one of the reasons for Global Warming. Indeed, this gas is a factor of the Planet’s Greenhouse Effect. The second largest source of Carbone dioxide pollution is transportation.

  • Greenhouse effect explained.

Greenhouse gases are found in the atmosphere. As the rays of the sun hit the Earth, they reflect back towards space and the greenhouse gases pick up the heat from the sunrays. The captured heat is sent in different directions: some of it goes to space, some of it is sent back to Earth where it keeps the temperature in balance.

  • But what happens if the level of greenhouse gases increases in the atmosphere?

Due to the burning of coal, oil and other natural gases over the last 300 years, more heat from the sunrays is kept by these gases, more heat is sent towards Earth and thus the temperature of the planet increases.


What are the consequences of global warming?

One thing leading to another, the consequences of Global warming are numerous. As the global temperature rises, the oceans get warmer, the ice and snow melt which results in the rise of water levels, and it goes on and on.

Ten indicators of a warming world.