An exceptional weather phenomenon occurred in Long Island during the morning of 21st April 2015 ! A rare quadruple rainbow appeared as a result of the area being affected by a large amount of rain and sun. Thanks to Amanda Curtis, who snapped the photo while she was waiting for the train at Glen Cove station, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to admire this amazing phenomenon. According to CNN, this rare event occurs when a double rainbow is reflected in the sky due to a smooth body of water underneath the rainbow.


But what is a rainbow?

A rainbow isn’t really something that we can touch or something that exists in a particular place. It is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that appears when sunlight and atmospheric conditions permit it. Reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets create a spectrum of light appearing in the sky and taking the form of an arc full of colours. It is visible to the observer's eye only when the sun is behind us.  Mostly, people only see the form of an arc, but the real shape is a full circle, visible mainly by pilots who have a good view of the sky and who are above the raindrops.